Finland is a lightly populated country bursting with spectacular natural beauty. Nestled in the corner of northern Europe its fairy tale forests and glittering blue lakes form the backdrop for Fazer’s motherland.

Close relationship with nature

Finns have an undeniably close relationship with nature and as well as admiring and respecting their surroundings, the landscape has inspired many of the country’s most famous exports. The history and origins of Fazer are closely intertwined with its northern roots.

Home of Santa Claus

The so-called ‘Land of a Thousand Lakes’ boasts over 188,000 lakes and many Finnish families escape to their countryside cottages in the summer to relax, fish and pick fresh berries. Winter transforms the country into a white wonderland with picturesque landscapes and snow covered pine trees. Lapland is widely known as the home of Santa Claus, or Joulupukki in Finnish. Many families visit his village in Rovaniemi over the Christmas holidays to meet him and his reindeers.

Place to relax - sauna

The sauna is one of Finland’s most famous exports and plays a huge part in its heritage and culture. For hundreds of years it’s been a place to purify the mind, body and soul and is even used for business meetings. Brave Finns like to jump into an ice pool or freezing lake to benefit from the its full force.

Magical Northern Lights 

Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights are another one of Finland’s magical spectacles. In some part of the country the colourful displays of light can be seen over 200 nights of the year and people flock from all over the world to catch a glimpse of their unforgettable magnificence.