A balanced diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. We believe that balanced food choices bring well-being and all our products and services can be part of it.

We at Fazer believe that well-being starts with eating food with a purpose.We believe that the choices we make for ourselves can also benefit the planet and that the experience of eating also extends to social aspects of life.

As a modern sustainable food company, we want to create food solutions for our retail assortments and restaurants that encourage people to eat sustainable plant-based products. We are focused on creating a wide range of healthy products, including non-dairy and plant-based foods, and innovatively adding new ingredients to our recipes. We aim to offer our products in packages of different sizes to meet your specific needs.

We inspire people to eat healthy. But in a way that lets them occasionally enjoy the treats that bring a little extra joy into life. We believe in a balanced lifestyle and that food always tastes best when shared with a loved one.

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Yours brain deserve as much attention as your body

We want people to feel good inside and out, so we continuously create new innovations to support that goal. This is why we have established Fazer  Brainhow which concentrates on building a wide understanding on how nutrition, sleep, and physical exercise affect our cognition and brain — together they generate holistic well-being. As part of Fazer Brainhow, we not only offer products and services but also do constant research that focuses on how our brain and gut communicate with each other.

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