Fazer is the first company in the world to produce xylitol from oat hulls. Fazer Xylitol is sustainably and innovatively crafted from our own mill´s Nordic oat hulls at the same site where our milling takes place, which ensures the availability and quality of the raw material and end products. We are able to serve even the most demanding customers in the food and cosmetics industries by manufacturing different grades of xylitol in our new and state of the art Fazer Xylitol factory with world class quality systems.

Fazer Xylitol is available in three different grades:

  • Crystalline xylitol – Is the most common and widely used form of xylitol. It is suitable for all common food and cosmetic applications to be applied as such or dissolved during the production process depending on the product and desired end result. Examples of products in which crystalline xylitol may be used: chewing gum, confectionery, ice cream, personal care products such as shampoo, tooth paste and moisturizing face creams and body lotions.
  • Milled xylitol – This fine xylitol powder can be used in the production of foods and cosmetics particularly when there is a need to avoid dissolving the xylitol in the production process. Examples of products in which milled xylitol may be used: chewing gum, fine chocolate, baking mixes, personal care products such as dry shampoo and dry mixes for face and body masks.
  • Granulated xylitol – Is conveniently directly compressible xylitol grade, which can be applied as such for compressing into pastilles and tablets. Examples of products in which granulated xylitol may be used: pastilles, mints, tablets and nutraceuticals.