Happiness is found in the day-to-day life. What happens at 7 P.M. during Wenjun’s maternity leave, and farmer Erik’s and researcher Miia’s evening moments? What feelings are these moments evoking in them?

Wenjun 4558 130919 860x390px.jpgIs there anything more fun that picking apples from your own tree and picking mushrooms from the garden of your own house? Wenjun Fu, who is currently on maternity leave, loves cooking, and mushrooms are a particular favourite of hers.

”I’m from Shanghai, and my husband, Lauri, has his roots in Estonia and Ingria. I like to cook fusion dishes that are neither fully Chinese nor fully Finnish. Chinese cuisine is known for its creative use of mushrooms. I love discovering new ingredients. Our whole family goes mushroom picking very often. My mother is an excellent cook but lacks patience. She doesn’t have the energy to teach me when I ask about a dish – she just tells that the dish has a pinch of this and a pinch of that. I want to know exactly how many grams of an ingredient should go into a dish! I have been experimenting and learning by trial and error. My signature Finnish dish is meatballs and mashed potatoes.”

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“Ice cream after a climbing session is a given”

Put some chalk on your palms and grab a hold of the rock wall. Researcher Miia Viinamäki discovered bouldering some four years ago.

“I tried bouldering with my boyfriend and fell in love with it right away. The best thing about climbing is the sense of a community. You meet some wonderful people at the climbing gyms, and new people are warmly welcomed. I catch myself talking to strangers with ease when working together to figure out how to climb a route. I’m not at all competitive: I want to compete against myself, not against others. Climbing teaches me how to deal with disappointment – no matter how hard you try, you can’t climb every route, and you just have to accept that. Once you have successfully climbed a difficult route, there’s an even more difficult one waiting for you next to it. In addition to climbing rock walls at climbing gyms, I also like to climb natural rock formations. I love being in the forest, and, for me, climbing outdoors is first and foremost a way of enjoying nature. When going on climbing trips, bringing good food along is a must. I’m a member of a climbing group. Together with the other members, we have named the group ‘Ice Cream Club’. Our thing is to go for an ice cream every time we are done climbing.”

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“I have cherished food-related memories attached to my family farm”

Erik Oljemark, a farmer from Porvoo, has run his 100-year-old family farm since 1979.

“I’ve been married to my wife, Monica, for 38 years. There has been plenty of mutual understanding and compromising in our long marriage. We have a large family – three children and nine grandchildren – and it’s wonderful to be able to gather around a shared table. On Sundays, my wife sometimes decides to cook something more special and invite everyone for a meal. I hunt, which means that the ingredients needed for my wife’s signature dish, roasted game, can usually be found in the freezer. On weekdays, it’s usuallyjust the two of us at the dinner table, even though our sons live just across the yard with their own families.

I have a lot of cherished food-related memories about my farm. For example, when my own mother was alive, we had dessert after every meal. She never compromised on dessert. You get used to working long days in this line of work. I love watching the news, so I record the broadcast every night. One of the best moments of the day is finally settling down on the sofa with my wife after a good meal and watching the news together.

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