Happiness is found in the day-to-day life. What happens at 11 A.M. during Wenjun’s maternity leave, and farmer Erik’s and researcher Miia’s morning moments? What feelings are these moments evoking in them?

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Autumn is the busiest time of the year on Erik Oljemark’s family farm.

“The workdays are long, and the hum of the grain dryer can be heard all night long. If the weather is good, I will be sitting behind the combine harvester wheel until late in the evening. I grow wheat, oats, malt barley, rye and rapeseed. When the harvesting is going well, I like to take a quick break in the field: I sit in the back of my pickup truck, take a bite of my sandwich and pour coffee from a thermos. These are some of the little enjoyable moments in my everyday life, for which I must also thank Monica, my wife. She prepares packed lunches for me and my son Fredrik in the morning before we go to work in the fields. Monica works from home as a representative of the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution, Mela. I truly appreciate everything my wife does for the farm. If we weren’t able to work smoothly as a team, our farm wouldn’t be able to thrive. When I come home after a long day of work and smell the dinner cooking all the way from the front door, I feel grateful. Thanks to delicious home-cooked meals, I have more energy and my emotional and mental state is always well-balanced.”

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“Sustainability is visible on our plates”

Researcher Miia Viinamäki develops new food products for Fazer.

“I have a master’s degree in Food Sciences. I work as a part of Fazer’s research team. The team researches new ingredients and lays the groundwork for innovative food products using science and research findings. Testing new technologies in the laboratory is part of my job. I find learning more about new ingredients and developing products for the future interesting. Many new innovations are entering the market these days, but I’ve noticed that people usually want something safe and familiar on their plates. The world is changing, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of various issues. The plant-based diet is one of the big trends of today. When I think about key global issues – such as climate change, growing inequality and aging populations in the West – I find that food can be part of the solution. As a result, we have chosen sustainability and sustainable choices – both in ingredients and in packaging – as one the themes of our research team and for Fazer as a whole.”

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“I want to teach my children open-mindedness”

Walking Yumi the dog, doing laundry, grocery shopping and cooking. Household chores and looking after the baby give structure to Wenjun Fu’s days while she is on maternal leave.

“I moved from Shanghai to Finland with my parents when I was 10 years old. My upbringing was such that my mother was in charge of all the chores. In our home, my husband and I both do the vacuum cleaning, even though I like to do some of the chores by myself during the day. I’m very happy that I’m able to divide household chores with Lauri, my husband. This allows us to spend a lot of time together as a family. Something I really appreciate about the Chinese culture is that it’s family-oriented, and I want to raise my children to be tolerant and openminded individuals with an international mindset. What I like about Finland is that no-one is discriminated. In my opinion, relatively many people here have the chance to pursue the career they want and find success. I was able to study the subject I was most interested in at university, and I haven’t had to make any compromises.”