Food makes a difference. It sustains life, supports health and offers enjoyment. The choices we make when we fill our plates have an impact on the environment, society and personal well-being.

Our food choices reflect our personal preferences, but they are about more than just taste. Food has environmental, social and health impacts; it can be a solution that improves the quality of life. 

100% responsible cocoa

100% of our cocoa, the most important ingredient of our delicious chocolates, is responsibly produced. We buy cocoa through UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Cocoa Programme as wellas through our own farmer programmes. 

Sustainable farming reduces environmental impacts

Grain farming has an impact on biodiversity and is one of the causes of eutrophication. Together with farmers, we have developed Sustainable Grain Farming Principles. We work to reduce chemical use in the farming while maintaining good productivity. Sustainable grain farming is part of our Baltic Sea Commitment.

Water matters

Water scarcity affects many areas, and waste water handling has ecological impacts. We are developing a Water Stewardship Plan to better understand and address water-related risks in our own operations and in the value chai. This includes, for instance, continuously improving our waste water management, monitoring the use and availability of water in our sourcing and working with farmers to reduce the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.

We are against waste

Reducing food waste has been an important topic to us for several years, and we have organised many inspiring and successful campaigns to bring attention to the matter. We want to minimise both waste in restaurants and cafés as well as loss of raw materials in production. For instance, together with our suppliers we have been able to use second grade vegetables, not as pretty but just as tasty as first grade, in our meals. Instead of throwing surplus food away, we donate it to charities.

Delicious greens on every plate

Vegetables are good for you and have a relatively small impact on the climate. We create new, delicious plant-based recipes that delight all our restaurant guests. We also offer plant-based and non-dairy products, such as tasty Yosa oat snacks. 

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