Sustainable cocoa production is vital for the future of manufacturing chocolate. 
This is why we are doing our best to improve the availability
of our most important raw material and the livelihood of cocoa farmers.
100 % of our cocoa is sustainably sourced.

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Cocoa is one of the finest ingredients in the world, and we at Fazer are proud to have the opportunity to work with it. We value the cocoa farmers and their work and, together, we choose to carry out the measures most useful for the farmers in the countries of origin. It is important for us that the cocoa we use is as traceable as possible and produced in a responsible way. It is only through responsible operations and cooperation with cocoa growers that we can promote the availability and quality of cocoa in the future.

This is why we will be able to trace the origin of all the cocoa we use by 2017, and our cocoa supply chain will meet the criteria of responsible production.

This allows us to ensure that our chocolate continues to be as delicious as ever and made with love, starting from the very beginning.

For better cocoa,

Majlen Fazer