As one of the major food companies in the Nordic countries we at Fazer feel our responsibility for the environment, the people and societies, and the impact of its operations on them. One important part of fulfilling this responsibility is responsible sourcing. That is why we promise that by 2030, 100% of all raw materials we use are responsibly sourced.

We at Fazer see responsible sourcing as a sum of two things: We develop the basic requirements for all raw materials and suppliers, while also putting an extra effort on developing and monitoring the supply chains – the producers and suppliers – of certain specified raw materials.

The raw materials we focus our extra efforts on include, for example, cocoa, grains, eggs, palm oil and soy. In their sourcing we pay a lot of attention on cooperating with the producers’ communities locally, investigating the possibilities created by new innovations, and on identifying the best possible methods for sourcing.

Responsible sourcing is important for ethical reasons, but also to secure the future for our business. We believe that by taking responsibility for the well-being of the environment and the people, we create a future where the raw materials we need will continue to be available – with reasonable costs and high quality.

Responsible sourcing requires wide cooperation   

Our customers – such as grocery chains, co-ops, wholesalers, restaurants, cafés and grocery shops – as well as organizations working with sustainability expect us to act responsibly in all our sourcing.

We at Fazer want to comply with the requirements set by the law and the various regulations and agreements. And we want to exceed these requirements.

We therefore continuously develop our own activities to ensure that our sourcing methods are responsible. We also develop the requirements we set on our suppliers, on environmental issues and fighting climate change, as well as on human rights, good governance and the transparency of their operations.  

What have we done so far in the field of responsible sourcing?

We have worked hard for several years and made long-term plans to develop and secure the responsible production and sourcing of cocoa, grains, fish, soy and palm oil.

We will now continue this work and carry out the plans we have made, so that by 2030 all the raw materials we use will be responsibly sourced. 

As part of our sustainability work we have investigated the risk factors related to our most used raw materials. We will continue evaluating the supply chains of various raw materials and planning new additional actions for certain product groups that are now in the centre of our focus – such as fruit, milk and coffee.

100 % of the cocoa and palm oil we use is already responsibly produced, and we only use certified responsible soy.