We at Fazer make food with a purpose. We want to add moments of joy to every day – to make each day a little better. This means actions, both big and small, and that is why using responsible palm oil is important to us. Step by step, one moment at a time, we continue our journey towards a better tomorrow.

The choices we make help build a brighter tomorrow. As a major Nordic food company, we feel a strong sense of responsibility for the impact of our actions and our business. That is why we work hard to promote the use of sustainably produced and sourced products. And that is why one of the four main goals of our sustainability program is 100% sustainably sourced.

Why do we need palm oil?

Palm oil is the most commonly used vegetable oil across the world. It is used in the making of many pastries and biscuits, for example, and we also use it in some of our candies. Because of its qualities, palm oil is well suited for food industry’s needs, and it has become very popular and widely used.

Why is palm oil such a hot topic?

Palm oil is made from the fruit of the oil palm tree.  Oil palm trees yield a generous harvest and considering how productive they are, they require less land than any other oil-producing crop.

Due to the popularity of palm oil, its production has grown rapidly. And this has brought up various challenges related to the well-being of the farming community, as well as to the environment – and the production of palm oil has at times been the subject of lively debate. We want to do good for the people and the planet. Therefore we pay close attention to these challenges and listen to the concerns carefully.

Using palm oil is not harmful as such, but what counts is the way it is produced. If big areas of land are turned into new palm oil plantations, there is a risk of deforestation and loss of rainforest. That in turn is a threat to the endangered animals of rainforests. Deforestation also accelerates climate change – rainforests have an important role as the lungs of our planet.  Big plantations may also bring about various social problems in their communities.

What is sustainable palm oil?

We at Fazer buy and use only sustainable, certified palm oil. This means that we can, for example, trace the origin of our palm oil as accurately as possible. When we know where our palm oil comes from, we can also make sure that it comes from responsible plantations.

We engage in open dialogue and cooperate closely with our suppliers, NGOs, and other groups working with palm oil. We believe that cooperation and dialogue enable us to better manage the effects of our activities on the environment, and to trace the production chain and the origin of all palm oil we use.  

Sustainable palm oil production is supported by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO is an international palm oil organization which was established to respond to the challenges related to palm oil production. As a member of RSPO we are committed to supporting the sustainable sourcing of palm oil.

Read more about sustainable palm oil here.

Good for people, food for the planet

We want to do good for people and for the environment. This is a part of our strategy, our heritage, and our future – of everything we do. We see food as a solution, and we believe that the choices we make and the actions we take can affect the future in many ways – and make the world a little better. Every day.

We cooperate with other companies, NGOs, and public authorities. We look for new innovations and technological solutions for reducing our emissions, and we promote best possible practices for sustainable business in our own activities, as well as in the food industry as a whole.

Together with our suppliers we develop our requirements for our supply chain, and we monitor their compliance with our requirements continuously.

We have worked on sustainability for decades, but we too still have work to do and things to improve on. That is why we continue our sustainability work as passionately, ambitiously and devotedly as ever.

We want to make the world a better place step by step, one meaningful moment at a time.