One candy wrapper or a single bread bag may not seem like a big deal. Yet, if we piled together all the packaging materials we need for Fazer’s products, we would end up with a big pile of valuable materials that can be efficiently reused. Sorting waste and recycling makes sense – so let’s recycle smartly - together!

Did you know that more than 99% of the packaging materials of Fazer’s products can be sorted to be recycled or reused in energy production? But we need everyone’s help to make it happen. So please help us by sorting your used bread bags and candy wrappers – so they can be recycled or reused in the best possible way. This is one small but important action we can all take to help protect the climate and the planet.

Sorting makes recycling possible – let’s go for circular economy

Sorting and recycling is already common practise in many homes – which is great. But it’s easy to forget it at work, and when travelling or busy with leisure activities. By recycling correctly outside our own homes, too, we could make a huge difference on how efficiently packaging materials are reused. And remember - every action counts!

But how to sort correctly?

We all have an important role in the recycling of food packaging – in the end, it is us who decide what we do with the packages after use. That is why we at Fazer do our best to make the correct sorting and recycling of our packages as easy as possible. Please note that these tips apply in Finland. The ways and methods for recycling waste vary between countries, and some materials can't yet be recycled everywhere.

  • The bread bags and packages of Fazer bakeries include instructions on how to recycle them.  
  • Paper bags and paper wrappers should be sorted as cardboard. They can be reused in making paper sheets for newspapers, for example, or to produce toilet paper.
  • Paper and cardboard packages make excellent source material for manufacturing paper roll cores, paper sacks and paper bags. So carry your cardboards to the carboard bin and give it a new life!
  • The wrappers of Fazer’s chocolate pralines are PET plastic and they, just like all other Fazer candy wrappers except for Marianne candies, should be recycled as plastic. Marianne wrappers are wax paper and should be recycled as cardboard.
  • Plastic packaging – for example bread and candy bags should be recycled as plastic. You can also reuse clean plastic bags several times for packing food – or doing crafts. Indeed, we’ve seen amazingly witty and pretty craft works made from plastic packages. Only imagination is the limit in the reuse of plastic bags!
  • We are gradually introducing new cardboard packaging for our Aito and Yosa oat snacks. The new packages contain more than 50% less plastic than before. The cardboard jars with their thin plastic frames can be recycled as cardboard, and their aluminium lids with metal.
  • Metal packages, such as bread bag ties, the foil wrapper of chocolate bars, or the lids of our oat snack jars, can be recycled as metal.
  • The glass bottles of Froosh products can, in many countries, be returned to deposit-based recycling points for bottles. Otherwise, the bottles can be recycled as glass and their lids as metal.

If you don’t know how some of our packaging materials should be recycled, please contact our consumer service. 

What does Fazer do to further develop the recycling of packaging materials?

We at Fazer want to do good for the people and the planet. We want to add joy and meaningful moments to every day – to make each day a little better. That is why we work hard to reduce the emissions caused by our raw materials and packaging, and to find ways to cut down on food waste, for example, with packaging solutions. We actively look for new ideas and inventions to help us reduce the amount of packaging materials we need – by for example using thinner or smaller packages.

Whenever possible, we also reuse our materials internally within Fazer. Here are some examples of what we do:

  • The wooden pallets used in transportation are our only wooden packages, and the same pallets rotate around Fazer for years. We fix them to make them last, and finally, when they are beyond repair, they are used as raw materials in manufacturing other wooden and paper products.
  • Our blue plastic bread boxes are used for years – in average for 15 years. In Finland, we have 750 000 blue plastic boxes for bread, and these boxes are used in the transportation of all fresh produce at Fazer bakeries in Finland. We use our boxes well, and when they are eventually broken, they are used to make new plastic packages. We use cardboard boxes only to transport export products and frozen goods.

For more information and advice on our packages, please contact our consumer service.