New and emerging lifestyles have entered the markets and people’s hearts, but the wish for perfect moments stays. With cutting edge innovations, we want to be there for people throughout the day, providing delightful and surprising moments that enrich lives. That touch of Northern Magic. Made Real. People are committed to their own well-being as well as that of their loved ones. Our products and services look to fill this need in a transparent and responsible way. We want to make the world a better place one moment at a time – now and for generations to come.

Our mission: Food with a purpose

Our mission describes our reason for being. Food with a purpose means that we create magical moments by pouring love and dedication into each bite and experience – and people’s lives. We add a little extra joy, well-being, inspiration, passion and love to everything we do. We want to make a difference every day and:

• Enrich people’s lives with our products and services
• Offer wholesome, tasty, and environmentally conscious solutions
• Create healthy and easy-to-eat products enjoyed any time, any place
• Seek new solutions to bring convenience into hectic lives
• Considering our impact on people, planet and business in all we do

Our vision: Towards Perfect Days

Our vision is our guiding star, setting a clear direction for our journey. This is how we are united in our spirit, values and the way we work: Towards Perfect Days. Any moment has the power to change the course of a day – for the better.

We want to be part of those memorable moments that make a perfect day by:

• Enabling individual choices and experiences that bring joy and well-being every day
• Embedding our values and heritage in our innovations, serving people all day
• Making magic happen. Together.
• Facilitating desirable and authentic experiences around food
• Creating the next food pleasures and traditions for sustainable lifestyles

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