Oats are Fazer's supergrain

When it comes to manufacturing oat products, Fazer is a unique pioneer in Finland. The growing conditions in the north, unique climate and clean soil are ideal for cultivating oats. Fazer’s own mills are surrounded by Nordic oat fields, so we have the best possible access to high-quality oats. Oats are true local food, and they have a low carbon footprint. Therefore, it is a natural and responsible choice for us.

The gentle taste of oats and the soft, creamy texture make it not only pleasant for the whole family, but also a raw material suitable for a wide range of products. The popularity of oats has also grown in recent years due to its proven health benefits. We know oats and use it constantly to develop new innovations, for example bakery and breakfast products, sweets and biscuits, as well as plant-based cooking and snacks.

We also utilise all parts of the oats. Our new xylitol factory in Lahti, Finland, is an excellent example of a circular economy: in the factory, xylitol is produced from oat hulls, which are derived as a side stream of the oat milling process.

How does the journey of oats from the field to the dining table look like? Watch the story in the video below!