Dumle sweets
  White fondant icing
  Edible glue
  White sugar stars
  White food colouring
  Small amounts of different coloured/flavoured fondant icing
  Other sugar decorations



Make legs and ears from the fondant icing.

Place a Dumle sweet, with the flat part to the back, on top of the legs and glue them on with the edible glue. Put a drop of edible glue where the ears are going to be attached and press them onto the sweet.

Make a small nose out of the fondant icing and glue it to the front of the sweet, and paint a mouth under the nose with the food colouring.

Stick a sugar star on the rear of the Dumle sweet with the glue.


For example, you could make hair from chocolate-flavoured fondant icing and attach it in front of the ears.

With a rolling pin, roll a small piece of black icing really thin and cut it into any style of spectacles you like. Attach them above the nose with the edible glue.

You can make a cap or a flower out of red fondant icing.

Let the bunny dry and use it as a decoration.