Two Dumle original chocolates
  black fondant icing 
One piece Fazer liquorice
  edible glue
Two toothpicks


  1. Thread a whole Dumle chocolate onto a toothpick.
  2. Use black fondant icing to roll a tailcoat and use edible glue to stick it to the candy.
  3. Make a sausage shape out of the black fondant icing and thread it onto a toothpick.
  4. Attach the black sleeves to the candy.
  5. Use the other Dumle chocolate to make a round head.
  6. Attach the head to the sleeves.
  7. Roll the black fondant icing into a small ball and press it flat.
  8. Put a piece of Fazer liquorice on the fondant icing and use edible glue to attach it.
  9. Use edible glue to glue the hat onto the head of the scarecrow.