The success story of Dumle, which was originally a small lollipop, has now started a new chapter. The joyfully playful sweet is a real modern classic!

The star potential of the small lollipop

It all started from a small lollipop. The year was 1945, and the location was the Mazett factory in Sweden. The small lollipop was a juicy combination of full chocolate and sweet fudge. When you let it melt and soften in your mouth, you started to smile, always.

The small lollipop was named Dumle in 1960 and it joined the Fazer sweets family in 1975. The potential around the Dumle lollipop was not left unnoticed, and in 1987, it was accompanied by Dumle Original, the familiar fudge sweet. Soon, Dumle became the most sold fudge in its domestic market and was enjoyed by everyone. A real star was born!

From joyfully playful to a modern classic

As everyone knows, real legends, from Batman to Madonna, have to renew their appearance from time to time, for the timeless message to be conveyed. Dumle is no exception, as the wind of change is now blowing in the life of this fudge classic.

Dumle was put on the design table, and the appealing appearance of blue, fresh yellow and the Dumle-esque red, was redefined. The joyfully playful Dumle logo and the whole look took a leap to be streamlined, fresh and modern. The familiar stars, the content of the bag, and the colours are now accompanied with a new, modern look!

Modern packaging solution in the bags

A classic would not be a classic without some new tricks in the bag. Dumle bags were redefined, and the traditional sweet bags were replaced by standing bags. In fact, as a result of its impressive appearance and handy packaging solution, the new bag is an excellent serving dish.

Grab the new bag and pack it to serve as an energy boost, set it on the table to ensure a cheerful evening, or eat sweets while hanging out with no worries.

Dumle, which started off as a small lollipop and grew to be a modern classic, is a delicious, inspiring, daily reminder of the unique skills in all of us, and of the success stories created through them.