Dumle Golden key to fun campaign 2020


Fazer Confectionery Ltd, Fazerintie 6, 01230 Vantaa, Finland

Business ID: 0728786-8


All natural persons over the age of 16 who are permanent residents of

Finland and Estonia are eligible to enter the campaign, excluding the employees of any company taking part in the planning of the campaign or any part of it, as well as the members of their families.


The campaign begins on 1 of March 2020 and ends on 30 of June 2020. In each Dumle campaign bag (220g and 120g) there are some Dumle with a golden wrapper and unique code. The competition can be found at Dumles homepage, www.dumle.com. On the competition site you can enter the codes, play the game and get instant information if you are one of the lucky winners. To win you need to get three golden Dumle in a row. A person can only win once during the competition period.


Finland, Estonia and Germany are in the same lottery.

The winners will get instant information if they have won. The winner (1) will get four (4) tickets (to an estimated total worth of between 120 euro- 240 euro depending on country) to one of the bellow amusement parks.

Finland and Estonia – Linnanmäki and Germany Phantasialand total 30 winners (and a total of 120 tickets) to a worth of between 42-60 Euro depending on country.

The winner will at the latest get the prize delivered one week after the campaign ends digitally to the e-mail they have provided or via post to the address they have provided.

Fazer is entitled to announce the winners’ first name, last name and country of origin on Fazer’s websites and social media channels.

Prizes cannot be converted into cash or other prizes.


Fazer processes the participants' personal data in order to execute the campaign and to award the prizes. For further information on processing personal data, see Fazer's privacy statement regarding Description for Fazer Web Services’ User Data File: https://www.fazergroup.com/privacy/a6bf3c25-b89f-478d-ab33-b8e4b532ed32


The participants themselves are responsible for possible tax consequences due to the prize.

Fazer will pay tax for lottery prices in Finland.

Fazer reserves the right to publish competition answers on its social media brand pages that are being used as the competition platform. Fazer has the right to ban a participant from the competition if it has grounds to suspect that the participant has broken the competition rules. Based on the same grounds, Fazer has the right to remove answers from its social media brand pages that are being used as the competition platform, reject a participant’s competition answer, or exclude said participant from the competition.

By participating, the participant assures that they meet the right to participate in the competition.

By participating, the participant grants Fazer permission to publish the winner’s name in the competition channels and in other channels (marketing material, campaign page, social media) without separate consent or compensation.

Participants relieve Fazer and other possible competition partners and organizers from any liability for damage caused or claimed to have been caused by taking part in this competition. The Organizer's liability to the participants will not exceed the amount or value of the prizes mentioned in these rules. Fazer will not be responsible for any information technology related issues relating to participation in the competition or receipt of prizes. Fazer is also not responsible for issues relating to participation in the competition or receipt of prizes that are caused by features, faults or operations of the social media services used as the competition platform, or the participant’s failure to provide their contact information.


Fazer reserves the right to change the rules or prizes of the competition, as well as cancel or terminate the competition without prior or separate notice. Changes to the competition or its rules will be posted on the campaign site.