Tell it with Dumle -campaign rules


By taking part in any of the Dumle competitions at 2.1.–29.4.19, you have a chance to win the amazing main prize: PlayStation 4 + PlayStation VR headset.

Competitions reward other prizes, too. Follow the Facebook feed here!


Tell it with Dumle campaign rules


Fazer Makeiset Oy, Fazerintie 6, 01230 Vantaa, Finland

Business ID: 0728786-8


All natural persons over the age of 16 who are permanent residents of Finland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark, are eligible to enter the campaign, excluding the employees of any company taking part in the planning of the campaign or any part of it, as well as the members of their families.


The campaign begins on 2 January 2019 and ends on 29 April 2019. You can enter the competition on Instructions on how to participate will be included in each competition post. One winner will be chosen per partial competition. The winners of the four partial competitions are automatically in the main competition. The amount of entries is not limited. 


Each country has their own partial competitions. The winners of each country will be chosen by a jury consisting of Fazer’s country-specific personnel and partner. The assessment criteria for choosing the winners is how funny and /or creative the entry comment to the competition post has been. The country-specific winners of the partial competitions will be chosen within approximately one week from the ending of the competition time. The winners will be contacted via e-mail. If the winner doesn’t answer within 7 days, the win will be void, Fazer will be entitled to choose a new winner. The prizes of the partial competitions consist of a Dumle tote bag (est. 2,5 €) containing 2 bags of Dumle sweets (est. worth 5 €), a Dumle Snacks bar (est. worth 1 €) and 3 sheets of Dumle Play with words –stickers (est. worth 2,5 €).  The prize will be delivered to the winner by mail. The jury's decision is final.

Each country has its own main competition and the winners of the main competitions are chosen by a jury consisting of Fazer’s country-specific personnel and partner. All the ones who have won at least one partial competition are automatically part of the main competition. The assessment criteria are the same as for the partial competition. The winner will be chosen be 10 May 2019. The winner will be via e-mail. If the winner doesn’t answer within 7 days, the win will be void, Fazer will be entitled to choose a new winner. The main prize is a Playstation 4 and Playstation VR (worth est. 600 €). The prizes cannot be converted into cash or exchanged for other prizes.

Fazer is entitled to announce the winners’ first name, last name and country of origin on Fazer’s websites and social media channels.


Fazer processes the participants' personal data in order to execute the campaign and to award the prizes. For further information on processing personal data, see Fazer's privacy statement:


The participants themselves are responsible for any tax consequences due to the prize.

Participants absolve Fazer and any other campaign organizers and any other partners from any liability for damage caused or claimed to have been caused by taking part in this campaign. Fazer's liability to the participants will not exceed the amount or value of the prizes mentioned in these rules. Fazer will not be responsible for any information technology-related issues relating to participation in the campaign or receipt of prizes.


By entering the campaign, the participant warrants and represents that they have created the material they submit (“Campaign Material”), and if the Campaign Material has been created by a third party (e.g. a famous writer or famous movie quotes), has received from said third party their consent to submit the Campaign Material to the competition in accordance with these terms and conditions. The participant warrants and represents that the Campaign Material does not infringe the law, is not in breach of good practice or the rights of third parties (including copyrights and other intellectual property rights), does not harm the good name or personal integrity of others, and does not divulge any trade secrets, as well as that the Campaign Material is not, in any other way or form, contrary to these rules. The participant is responsible for, e.g., ensuring that any persons appearing in the Campaign Material has given their permission for entering the competition in accordance with these terms and conditions, and that no third parties' trademarks are visible in the Campaign Material (e.g. a third party's logo appearing in the picture).

By entering the campaign by submitting Campaign Material (i.e. text or image) via commenting the competition post on Facebook, the participant gives Fazer, without separate compensation, a limited right of use to the Campaign Material. This right of use gives Fazer the right to use the Campaign Material in Dumle’s marketing executions on social media channels of Fazer’s websites.  


If there is reason to suspect a participant of fraud or some other act in breach of the terms and conditions, Fazer has the right to reject their participation.

Fazer will announce through the campaign marketing channels, if we are forced to make changes in the campaign, its prizes, dates, availability or other factors that have an effect on the implementation of the campaign. Fazer reserves the right to change the campaign and the campaign rules in a way that does not have a significant impact on the participant.

The campaign is not sponsored, recommended or managed by Facebook. However, in addition to the campaign rules, the participants also commit to following the terms and conditions and rules of said social media service. 

The campaign is in no way connected to Facebook. In connection with the campaign, Fazer collects personal data about the participant as mentioned above, not Facebook. The participants relieve Facebook of any and all responsibilities and claims in connection to and pertaining to the campaign.