2 large eggs
50 g regular salted butter
1 dl flour
1 tsp backing powder
1 dl dark brown Muscovado sugar
6 drops vanilla extract

8 pcs Dumle original chocolates
1 tsp water

12 pcs Dumle original chocolates
4 pcs Fazer liquorice sticks
small white sugar stars
white sugar fondant
black edible colour
edible glue


Cup cakes
1 Break the eggs into a bowl and add the muscovado sugar and vanilla extract.
2 Sift in the flour and backing powder.
3 Mix all ingredients to a smooth dough.
4 Divide the dough evenly into 8 muffin cups.
5 Bake in a 190°C hot oven for 10 minutes.
6 Let the cup cakes cool down.

1 Put the Dumle chocolates and the water into a small pan and melt the candies, constantly stirring, on low heat until you have a smooth, fluid mass.
2 Spread the mass with the back of a spoon onto the cup cakes and leave to cool.
3 Keep the pan on a mild heat to prevent the mass from hardening.

1 Take 4 Dumle original chocolates and cut them in halves.
2 Roll the chocolate halves, one half at a time, in your hands until you get nice little balls.
3 Put one whole chocolate and one chocolate ball on each cup cake.
4 Roll 16 small balls with the sugar fondant and flatten them.
5 Use the black food colouring to paint small dots into the white sugar mass.
6 Fix the sugar eyes with a small amount of edible glue to chocolate balls.
7 Fix one sugar star on top of each whole chocolate using the edible glue.
8 Cut the liquorice sticks into 2 cm long pieces.
9 Slice the liquorice pieces on the long side into 5 slices, continue with the four flattest pieces.
10 Cut the liquorice slices into long triangles and remove also a triangle from the inside of the triangle. Leave 3 mm, on the side of the head, straight for easier attachment of the legs.
11 Attach the legs, 4 on each side, to the head. Use some edible glue if necessary.