(serves two)
75 ml  wheat flour
5 ml  Fazer Ögon Cacao cocoa powder
½ tsp  baking powder
75 g  butter
100 ml  syrup
1 egg
2 tbsp  milk
4 Fazer Dumle Gingerbread sweets
  Star-shaped sprinkles for decoration


Melt the butter in the microwave oven. Combine the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and add the melted butter, egg and milk. Mix the batter until smooth. Chop the Dumle sweets into two or three pieces and add to the batter. Put equal amounts of the batter into microwave-proof mugs and cook the cakes one at a time in a 600 W microwave oven for around two and a half minutes.

Decorate the cakes with the star-shaped sprinkles. Serve the cake with vanilla ice cream.