9 pcs Dumle original chocolates
3 pcs Fazer liquorice bars
  small white sugar stars
  white fondant icing
  black food colouring
  edible glue


  1. Cut three Dumle chocolates in half.
  2. Roll each half around in your hands until they form balls.
  3. Use the edible glue to attach the remaining whole chocolates and the balls to the top of the cake.
  4. Make 12 small balls from the fondant icing and press them flat.
  5. Use the black food dye to make dots on the white fondant icing.
  6. Use edible glue to attach the eyes to the balls.
  7. Use edible glue to glue one white star on top of each whole candy.
  8. Cut the Fazer liquorice bars into four pieces.
  9. Cut the pieces lengthwise into five slices and remove the most round one.
  10. Cut the slices into long triangles and also cut out a triangle from the inside. Leave 3mm straight on the lower edge of the head side to attach the legs.
  11. Place the feet, four per side, around the head. Use edible glue when necessary.