Since their first appearance, the Moomins and their adventures have become famous all over the world. These sympathetic and philosophical characters were created by Finnish artist Tove Jansson (1914-2001), who published Moomin stories both in books and comic strips. The first book, published in 1945, “The Moomins and the Great Flood”, tells the story about how Moominmamma and her son Moomintroll found the missing father of the family, Moominpappa and how they all found their way to the Moominvalley, where they now live.

The Moomin adventures, may they be in form of book, comic strip or animated series, always build around the core Moomin values: Family, love, friendship, tolerance, respect and braveness. The Moomins have a special view on life in general, making the stories meaningful for both young and old.

The success of Moomin comic strip also outside Finland convinced the marketers at Fazer that the phenomenon would soon reach families even in the remotest parts of Finland. The first Fazer Moomin sweets were launched in Finland 1957. “Moomin is easy to say and remember, and soon you will be happy to hear the sound of your cash machine”, says the letter to shop keepers from launch year. The first sweets portfolio consisted of four bags of hard candies and a roll of pastilles, all decorated with Moomin characters.

Today Fazer manufactures a wide range of Moomin sweets. Moomin shaped biscuits and Moomin fruit lollipops are the two biggest products in the portfolio. Fazer Moomin Xylimax range consists of sugarfree, xylitol sweetened pastilles and chewing gums, answering the consumers need for tooth friendly products for kids and adults alike.

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