There is something altogether special with Geisha. Isn’t that the case? The taste, consistency and experience are unlike anything else. Geisha gives you time to enjoy. Time to reflect and appreciate the small things in everyday life. Moments for dreaming and pauses for reflection. Every day holds a little dream.

‘Geisha’ means a skilled person. ‘Gei’ stands for skillfulness while ‘sha’ refers to someone who knows. Geisha bears traces of the mystique of the Orient. Geisha aspires to something beyond the everyday and leaves an imprint of Japanese culture.

Geisha chocolate was launched in 1962. This chocolate was born out of the idea of combining Mimosa, a popular crispy filling from a Japanese bakery product, with Fazer’s esteemed and well-known milk chocolate. Success was assured from the very first moment.

Geisha’s international success rests on the product’s credibility. The values that Geisha mirrors are the same all around the world. Geisha is a chocolate for people seeking a harmounious, peaceful moment of indulgence amongst day-to-day routines. The different colours and forms of the wrapping carry one’s thoughts to the Orient and Japanese culture.