Fazer is one of the few chocolate manufacturers that still uses fresh milk in its production.

Fresh milk is a vital ingredient in Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate. Every day, several tank trucks of carefully inspected, first-rate milk arrives at the chocolate factory in Vantaa. Every year, 20 million litres of fresh milk is used, employing around 3,000 dairy cows. To manufacture one 200-gram chocolate bar three full glasses of milk are required.  Milk is a sensitive product, demanding well-defined processing instructions to ensure proper quality. Every bar of Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate must always provide the same top-notch, smooth taste sensation.

…and the best-quality cocoa beans

When Karl Fazer launched the Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate in 1922, he chose Arriba cocoa from Equador for the manufacturing – simply because it was the best-quality cocoa available. This is why Arriba is still used in our chocolate.

Cocoa is grown on every continent close to the equator, and its taste varies according to where it is grown. The largest cocoa-producing countries are the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Equador, by comparison, is a small producer.

Fazer has precise quality requirements for the taste and roasting of cocoa and the classification of cocoa beans, among other things.

The basic flavour of Arriba cocoa must be flowery, fruity and nut-like. Test tasters check the roasting, acidity, bitterness and aroma and make sure that the cocoa does not have any undesirable flavours.

Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate combines high-quality ingredients with its unique recipe to provide a truly fantastic taste sensation.