Consumers feel that Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate is the deepest reflection of the Fazer brand. Its relation to consumers has grown strong and special over generations. For many successive years, Karl Fazer has been valued as Finland’s top-rated (source: the annual Brand Valuation study conducted by the Markkinointi&Mainonta magazine and the market research company Taloustutkimus).

Karl Fazer chocolate sweetens everyday life with its uniquely rich and velvety smooth taste. The genuine Finnish chocolate is famous for its delicious taste, carefully selected high-quality ingredients and its Fazer blue wrapper.

Karl Fazer, also known as Fazer Blue, is part of the Finnish cultural heritage. The iconic Fazer's milk chocolate first appeared in 1922 in its famous blue wrapper symbolising the pure Finnish nature. It is the chocolate that many Finns have grown up with and has turned us into chocolate lovers.

Karl Fazer chocolate is made in Finland from carefully selected natural ingredients. The secret of Karl Fazer's taste lies in the rich and skillful combination of natural raw materials of the highest quality: fresh milk, sugar, cocoa mass and cocoa butter. The recipe for Karl Fazer chocolate was the result of an act of kindness and to this day the chocolate is made according to the original recipe.

Best has its colour. Blue.