Build this season's most wonderful present: DIY Fazer Chocolate House!


  • 4 x Karl Fazer Chocolate tablets
  • Candies for decorating


  1. Split two chocolate tablets down the middle, to form two side walls and the roof.
  2. Now comes the most challenging part. Be careful not to break the chocolate. Take the two full tablets remaining. Start carving the outlines from the fourth row, with a sharp knife. Then little by little work your way through the chocolate, until the cut is completed, as following:
  3. Melt the leftover chocolate to attach the pieces together with a little spoon or knife for spreading.
  4. Use the melted chocolate to attach the sidewalls with the first standing wall. The standing wall should be placed between the sidewalls, this is important. Then add the second standing wall to the chocolate house and hold all pieces together until the melted chocolate cools down, and the house frame stands still.
  5. Attach the roof to the house using the melted chocolate.
  6. Now comes the funniest part. Decorate the house with candies using the melted chocolate.
  7. Congratz! You just build a real Fazer Chocolate House. You can now call yourself a qualified Fazer Chocolate House Engineer.

Fazer chocolate house decorated with Green jellies, Tutti Frutti Original Pears and Skolekridt classic liquorice candies:

Fazer Chocolate house decorated with Marianne-candies and lump sugar pieces:

Fazer Chocolate House decorated with Marianne drops, American lentilles, Doris truffle biscuits and Fazer Carneval Princess biscuits:How to build a Fazer Chocolate House video:

How does your chocolatehouse look like? Share yours! #fazerchocolatehouse