Majlen Fazer

My great grandfather Karl Fazer founded our family company in 1891. Since then we have created taste sensations.

We are especially proud of Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate. Its secret recipe has remained the same since 1922, when Fazer’s milk chocolate was launched in its famous blue wrapper.

The uniqueness of Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate lies in the high-quality, Equadorian Arriba cocoa and fresh milk used in its manufacturing. Quality comes by using only the best ingredients, an excellent recipe and manufacturing process - not forgetting our skilled personnel. Also Fazer’s long history and tradition of excellence are our guarantee of quality.

Our experts taste all the ingredients as well as the finished products in order to ensure the best possible taste sensation. Karl Fazer himself said that we must always exceed our customers’ expectations.

However, he always looked to the future as well, always wanting to develop something new. To this day Fazer, working in his spirit, continuously develops the world of tastes with new products.

Enjoy your chocolate moments,

Majlen Fazer
Quality Expert, Cocoa and Chocolate