The festive Fazer Liqueur Fills are all about the thrill of the fill. 

The advanced taste of the Liqueur Fills consist of a chocolate covering of Fazer´s finest dark chocolate and a crisp inner shell of crystallized sugar. Underneath the crunchy layer of sugar lies the delicious heart of the praline, the flowing liqueur filling.

Liqueur Fills have a long history at Fazer. This kind of liqueur confectionary has been produced at Fazer since year 1900.  The new praline was originally named “Liköörikonvehti”, which means liqueur confectionary in Finnish. In 1996 these delicacies were renamed as Fazer Liqueur Fills.

The festive chocolate praline comes in all the traditional flavors of liqueur: rum, punch, maraschino, cherry brandy and vodka.

The fill is the thrill