Marianne sweet is a classic, it has been in production since 1949. The original Marianne sweets are manufactured in Fazer´s Lappeenranta confectionery factory in Finland.

The unique combination of fresh peppermint crust and delicious dark chocolate filling has been consumers' favourite for decades. In addition to Finland, it is also very popular in the other Nordic countries.

The sweet history of Marianne

Marianne sweets were developed by confectionery masters Aimo Martikainen and Antti Österman who worked for the Finnish confectionery company Chymos. The product was already invented at the time of the Second World War, but its production started in 1949. After the years at war, people were hungry for new taste sensations and the combination of peppermint and chocolate tickled their taste buds. The uniqueness of the product has been its strength ever since the beginning.

Chymos head designer, Aimo Vuorinen, made the decision to wrap Marianne in the now classic red and white striped paper. The beautiful sloping red and white stripes were a natural choice, because they have traditionally been used to represent the flavour of peppermint in Europe. Many older people still remember how Christmas trees were decorated with peppermint candy canes that had the traditional colour combination.

Aimo Vuorinen is also the person behind the name Marianne. He was given an assignment to make the product more glamorous. In his mind, peppermint and chocolate were linked to French culture, and that is where he sought for inspiration. At this point, the national symbol of France, Marianne, was chosen as the name for the sweet.

Since 1993 Marianne has been part of Fazer’s brand portfolio. In 2016, the brand look and packaging format were renewed, staying true to the iconic stripes and clear Scandinavian style.